Gauri Khan turns fashioner for Ranbir Kapoor's swanky cushion

Hotshot Shah Rukh Khan's better half Gauri Khan is a famous inside planner and she has outlined a few prominent lofts of VIPs. Presently, Ranbir Kapoor who as of late obtained his new unhitched male cushion has chosen to take her assistance for planning it into a swanky house.

Situated in rural Mumbai, the new flat of Ranbir Kapoor is getting its last touches under Gauri Khan's supervision. Despite the fact that she has been occupied with composing a book on planning recently, it appears that she by and by required some serious energy out to finish the new habitation of the star. It is being said that Ranbir will move to his new residence in October. From what we listen, she has been chipping away at this condo for as long as couple of months, obviously, remembering every one of the particulars gave by Ranbir, who is likewise her dear companion. It has been learnt that Ranbir Kapoor has requested that Gauri Khan plan it as a mix of workmanship and history, something that the on-screen character is truly partial to.
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