Naseeruddin Shah reprimands Rajesh Khanna for acquainting average quality with Bollywood

Performing artist Naseeruddin Shah communicated his despondency with the way things are in Bollywood. Furthermore, in a meeting to a day by day, he faulted late on-screen character Rajesh Khanna for it. Shah feels that he was the one to acquire unremarkableness in the 1970s and some way or another, things keep on remaining the same, after 50 years, as well. He additionally said that Rajesh Khanna was an exceptionally restricted performing artist and wasn't the most ready individual. He promote included that his taste governing the business is the thing that made the business less substance driven. With the flight of high contrast film and presentation of shading, plots turned out to be less critical. Since Khanna was very respected back then, the pattern, Shah feels, proceeded.

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